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Freelancer? Say goodbye to your safety net and hello to freedom

Mar 26, 2014

I’ve had a run of bad luck recently. Just the usual rubbish life throws at you sometimes. Some trouble and stress; a family friend’s illness; a quiet week or two of work. 

It culminated (I say…

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Why is no-one listening to deaf people?

Mar 05, 2014

I didn’t know any deaf people until I met my boyfriend two years ago.

Now I can’t talk for every deaf person or anyone with a disability, but if they have to put up with a fraction of the crap…

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The worst thing about teaching? Michael Gove

Feb 17, 2014

According to Michael Gove, it’s a national scandal that 50% of teachers quit the profession within five years. I agree. But as an NQT I have no idea whether I’ll last the course. And if I do leave,…

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How Walthamstow went from blip to hip

Feb 03, 2014

I spent some of the weekend in a local Scandinavian pop-up café and bookshop All You Read Is Love that has views of the half-built cinema complex. As I…

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Why are teachers becoming hate figures?

Jan 17, 2014

Is it me or is teaching everywhere? It’s almost almost like teaching is the new rock and roll. 

Hot on the heels of the TV programme, Educating Yorkshire is the fly-on-the-wall documentary…

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