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Why do editors give freelancers the silent treatment?

Oct 09, 2013

For years I was an editor at a national newspaper, receiving multiple pitches and queries from journalists. Some of the journos I knew and some I didn’t. Well, most I knew because you tend to work with…

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My week of drug highs and Dick Cramp

Sep 15, 2013

I had an operation this week. Nothing serious (she says while not dwelling on the ins and outs) but it required a general anaesthetic and so was not to be taken lightly.

It was at Whipps Cross…

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Always be nice to ex-colleagues as one day you might be back

Aug 30, 2013

Last year I left a national newspaper with great fanfare. I had a leaving do and a leaving lunch. I gave a speech and received a generous present as well as a mock-up of a front page. I was also banged…

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Feast and famine: a freelancer's tale

Aug 22, 2013

The other day I was enjoying a leisurely lunch with two people who used to be journalist contacts of mine and are now friends. Since leaving our respective workplaces (one took voluntary redundancy,…

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