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What I learned from running my own market

Jan 02, 2018

The kidneys are still under investigation so I shall pause my woe-filled health blogs and focus on my market. Last year, I started Hoe St Market, a monthly event selling art, crafts, food and coffee…

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Why cinemas need to be more deaf-friendly

Dec 03, 2014

A new Empire cinema has opened in Walthamstow, East London, where I live. After more than a decade without a local picturehouse it’s very exciting and it’s already busy.

I planned to break my…

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Our Little Free Library

May 05, 2014

At the weekend, we took delivery of this small wooden houseRead more

Why foodbanks need you (and David Beckham)

Apr 12, 2014

Open the property pages of any newspaper and you’ll see mention of Walthamstow, East London. This once unfashionable (relatively) affordable corner of the capital has suddenly become a des res with…

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How Walthamstow went from blip to hip

Feb 03, 2014

I spent some of the weekend in a local Scandinavian pop-up café and bookshop All You Read Is Love that has views of the half-built cinema complex. As I…

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