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Why I write from bed

I’m writing this from bed.

Yes it’s gone noon but I’m not bone idle. I’ve been on my laptop since 7am and so far I’ve got quite a lot done. (I’m copywriting for a website and I’ve sent some emails for a feature I’m writing. I’ve also completed the daily wordcount for my novel and read all about the hideous results in the European elections. And it’s Bank Holiday Monday.)

The fact is I get LOADS done in bed. Yet it makes me feel guilty.

Last week my other half left to meet a friend for lunch. “Don’t tell her I’m still in bed, will you?” I said. “She’ll think I’m lazy."

I felt as if I was hiding some dark secret, which is why I’ve decided to come clean and say, I’m Kate and I like writing (and working) from bed.

I’m not alone. Churchill, Colette, Proust and Mark Twain wrote from bed. That’s where our similarities end, but you know, they did alright from it. 

Freelancing teaches you a lot about yourself. When I commuted to an office every day, I learnt that I was reliable, compliant and easily bored. I’d get in at 10am and by the time I’d read the papers and chatted to various passersby, it would be 11.15. Nowadays I’ll have four hours work done by then.

I start around about 7am. I work best in the morning, which is why I do the least appealing thing first (this is ALWAYS lesson planning). An ideal day sees me working until 2pm then going for a run, pottering and taking it easy in the afternoon and working (at my desk) from around 6 ‘til 8pm.

As I no longer have a regular salary and am paid per piece or per job, I'm motivated to work as efficiently as possible. For me that just happens to be under the covers with the cat at my feet. Not a bad way to earn a living eh? 

PS If any of my interviewees read this, I don’t interview anyone from bed. That's done at my desk. I just want to make it clear.


SEO: journalist, teacher, author. Why do I never manage to get these words into the main piece?




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